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  • Donna Partow

    Since she was 4 years old, my daughter Taraneh (now nearly 13) loved dance! We enrolled her in a wildly popular dance studio and eagerly awaited her first show. We were absolutely shocked at the music and appalled by the costumes and seductive moves.

    We tried two other studios and found the same thing. Then we enrolled her in a church-based performing arts school. It was unprofessional and a complete waste of money. Honestly, we gave up hope of finding a professionally run arts studio that shared our values. When we heard about Wagner Dance Arts, we were skeptical. Now we’re convinced. Not long ago, Taraneh said to me, “This dance class is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

    We agree.

    Like most families today, we are facing tough economic times and looking for ways to cut costs. But one thing we won’t be quitting is Taraneh’s involvement with Wagner Dance Arts studio.

  • Genevieve Rodriguez

    I am a former student of Wagner Dance Arts. I last took a class with you when I was ten or eleven years old. I am now twenty one. I know that the time I spent with Denise and her staff were some of the happiest memories of my childhood.

    Denise not only inspired me to cherish dance and performing from a young age, but also gave me incredible tools to grow as a person and the confidence to meet challenges head on and conquer them accordingly.

    One of my proudest moments as a child was receiving a trophy at our annual production for being a member of Dance Elite. I found that trophy just yesterday while packing to move out of my parent’s house, which is what prompted this letter. I wanted to let Denise know directly how much her studio and everyone involved has touched me. You all have meant so much to me throughout the years.

  • Curt and Celia Butler

    Our daughter, Sarah, began her love for dancing at the tender age of three. She is now almost seven years old and in her fourth year at Wagner Dance Arts. During this time we have observed our daughter continuously learn and develop a uniqueness and creativity that is hers alone. It has been exciting to witness the unfolding of Sarah’s inner self and allow its beauty to shine forth in her dancing.

    Thank you for taking the time to find the greatness in our Sarah, for the praise, for the professionalism and for making the extra effort to help her confidence and growth in dance. You have given Sarah heartfelt encouragement, showing her strengths, expecting the best and developing her inner qualities which will all help her face the world with confidence.

  • Julie Cincera

    Thank you for the great dance start you gave my daughter Caylie in Gilbert, AZ. She started in your dance classes when she was 3 years old. She is now 9 years old and has been dancing with a wonderful dance studio here in Charlotte, NC. I remember when we had to leave Arizona and you told me to be careful in selecting a new dance studio. I’m so glad that you gave me that advice.

    Caylie has been dancing on the competition team since we moved here and she just loves it. I just wanted you to know that the start that Caylie had at Wagner Dance Arts was just wonderful and your teachers inspired her to continue to dance after our move.

  • Rosenda Valenzuela

    After having an unfortunate experience at another dance studio in Mesa, we were welcomed with open arms at Wagner! The staff, teachers and facility are very professional, friendly and fun to be around. We are pleased so far and happy to have found a great fit for our daughter’s dance training.